Why Interlocking Pavers are the Right Choice For Your Patio

There are a variety of different materials you can use to build (or remodel) your driveway, walkway, or patio this summer. Whether you choose gravel, concrete, or brick pavers, the choice of style is entirely up to you! However, today, you’ll learn all about interlocking pavers, which are one of the best materials you can use to create a dream backyard patio. In fact, interlocking pavers date all the way back to Roman roads, known for their durability and curb appeal that boost the appearance of any home. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider using interlocking pavers to build your new patio this summer.

Brick Pavers Eco-Friendly

Interlocking pavers can offer your home an eco-friendly way to prevent potentially dangerous runoff. The last thing you want is grease and oil to leak into your yard and cause numerous landscaping issues. Instead, these pavers can actually prevent 100% of runoff, which is fairly impressive! The permeable surface of these pavers helps water seep into the ground naturally, which benefits your yard in the long run.

Variety of Styles

If you’re interested in what External link opens in new tab or windowpatio pavers in Suwanee have to offer your property, they come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors that can match any current style you have. In most cases, homeowners use these pavers to match the color to their deck or patio; this way, it doesn’t distract from the main features of your backyard. However, if you’re not sure what style of pavers to choose from, you should reach out to a local landscape designer to get some helpful input.


Depending on the style of interlocking pavers you want installed in your patio, you can purchase materials for an affordable price. You certainly don’t want to be overspending on materials for your patio project this summer, and with interlocking pavers, you don’t have to! Just make sure to double check your budget before placing an order on interlocking pavers to ensure they’re within your spending range.

Installing Pavers Durability

Did you know that interlocking pavers can withstand the weight of a firetruck without becoming easily damaged? These pavers are incredibly durable, which is ideal if you have rough winters where you’re located. Also, if you plan on throwing huge backyard parties, they can hold up hundreds of pounds of weight, so don’t worry about any interlocking pavers breaking throughout a summer. Additionally, fine sand is placed between the pavers during installation to create permeable joints that won’t shift when heavy weight is placed atop them.


Interlocking pavers are very safe for pedestrians and vehicles, so you don’t need to worry about motorcycles, cars, or people walking on your new patio space. Some pavers also feature non-skid surfaces, which prevents slipping of any kind during poor weather conditions. If you have younger children, having safe patio surfaces is incredibly important; the last thing you want is your child to slip and hurt themselves during the enjoyable summer season.

There are many reasons why you should consider buying interlocking pavers for your patio this summer, from their vast variety to their benefit of safety to your friends and family. Hopefully, this brief guide on pavers will help you steer you in the right direction when deciding what type of patio surface materials to purchase for your backyard this summer. To get started on installation today, contact Stoeckig Landscape Group to learn about our rates and a few more reasons why interlocking pavers are the right choice for you.