Adding Cable Railing to Your Patio or Deck

Patios and high-rise decks make a house look more luxurious. They also serve as an extra space where you can relax alone or entertain family and friends while enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

Woman Protected by Cable Railing

After you hire professional contractors that use pavers in Cumming to help lay solid groundwork for your patio or deck, you must place an enclosure around them since they are elevated. One of the easiest and most pocket-friendly ways to add style and safety is to install cable railing. Continue reading to learn about its benefits.

Increases Aesthetic Appeal

One great advantage of cable railing is its versatility. It suits any patio design or layout. It takes up very little space, making small decks appear bigger and more spacious.

To increase your patio's aesthetic appeal, decorate the railing with fairy lights, small crawling plants, artificial greenery, or even hanging trinkets. You can also replace its frame with metal posts for a modern and contemporary feel or wooden variants for a warm and rustic vibe.

Acts as a Safety Feature

Cable rails act as a safety feature, especially for families with young children and older adults. Make sure the railing passes state building codes. For example, if the stairway to your patio has more than four steps, it must have a handrail.

You can also place LED lights on each step to guide you at night. You can use a motion sensor strip that automatically turns on when you walk over it or a solar variant that glows when the sun's down.

You should also consider the orientation of the railings: horizontal or vertical. The latter is ideal for households with children. Meanwhile, the former is for people who want to achieve modern, trendy, and clean lines.

Note that building codes require each railing to have 3 to 4 inches of space between them and for their posts to be 4 feet apart. These ensure that the cables won't deflect and retain their tension. They must also withstand 200 to 400 pounds of concentrated force.

Offers a Clear View of Your Space

Breathtaking views are meant to be relished. But, traditional rails tend to be bulky and thick, offering little to no visibility. That's why many homeowners switch to cable railing. It allows an unobstructed view of the landscape below your patio or deck, keeping you safe without spoiling the scenery.
Woman Leaning on Cable Railing

Fuss-Free Fixes

Cable railings are relatively simple and economical to spot-repair. If a line comes off or frays, you can change the components without replacing the entire fixture.

The railings shouldn't be too stiff or loose. When they're too tight, the post and frame bend, and when they're too slack, things can pass between the cables. This is vital as children may try to stick their heads through, leading to injuries.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Cable rails can withstand extreme weather. Railings made of metal can last for several years with minimal proper maintenance. The stainless steel cables just need to be wiped down regularly with a soft, cotton cloth and a mixture of water and car wash soap to prevent grime buildup.

Enjoy stylish alfresco moments at home while elevating your property's value. Get in touch with Stoeckig Landscape Group for durable, high-quality cable railing and professional External link opens in new tab or windowpatio installation in Cumming.